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Modern networks and IT demands continue to get more complex, but your IT security doesn't have to. You shouldn't have to wrap new security systems around your existing one. There's a better way. It's simplified, powerful and proven.

From network to endpoint to server security, Sophos products are designed to eliminate complexity. Simplified products make for simplified workflows. Users spend less time haggling with your admins. IT managers spend less time troubleshooting problems.

Solutions Offered:

Most organisations don't have a large team of dedicated security experts. That's why Sophos designs their products to be easy to install, configure and maintain. Whether your business has 5 employees, 5,000 employees, or even more spread across multiple offices, you'll know everyone is secure with Sophos.

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Sophos Makes Data Security Simple for Business.
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Zero Trust Network.
Trusted by 100 million users, implemented by 100 thousand businesses, and endorsed by industry analysts as a leader, Sophos provides a full range of endpoint, encryption, email, web, mobile, WiFi and NAC solutions that are simple to deploy, manage and use.

Complete and Varied Control.
Firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spam - organisations need security across a number of fronts that cover the entire infrastructure. A comprehensive security strategy requires more than just malware blocking - encryption, email, web and network access control solutions are strategic necessities.

Sophos Business Solutions


Secure your virtual deployments. Sophos Intercept X for Server secures your virtual deployments from the latest cybersecurity threats. A combination of powerful defensive techniques and visibility capabilities give organizations the very best protection against the latest threats.

Data Loss Prevention

Secure sensitive data across networks, users, and clouds. Protecting different types of sensitive data held at multiple places where it is stored or used can be challenging. Sophos’ preventative and active protection tools ensure secured data across the entire network, right down to individual devices.

Ransomware Protection

Top-rated anti-ransomware technology and human expertise to stop ransomware in its tracks. To minimize your risk of falling victim to ransomware, you need advanced protection that monitors and secures the whole attack chain. Experiencing an active ransomware attack? can provide immediate assistance.

Securing Your Supply Chain

Minimize the risk of third-party supply chain attacks. Organizations often rely on third-party suppliers to manage business functions such as IT infrastructure. Enabling third-party suppliers to connect to your network introduces vulnerability to supply chain attacks. Adversaries infiltrate third-party suppliers and exploit their trusted access to gain access to your environment. Once they get in, they conduct all sorts of malicious activities from data theft and extortion to ransomware. Sophos offers a combination of security technologies and services to help mitigate the risks from such supply chain attacks.

Microsoft 365 Security

Enjoy faster flowing, safer email with Sophos. Many cyberattacks start with phishing. Sophos Email integrates with M365 email in minutes, protecting users faster, unlocking end-to-end visibility across your full M365 suite with Sophos XDR.

Secure Remote Workforce

Secure the anywhere organization. Any location. Any device. Any resource. Securing this flexible environment requires secure connections, secure resources, and secure devices, wherever they are – without adding to IT overheads. Sophos can help you address these modern challenges with powerful, trusted solutions.

Threat Prevention

Stop threats with detection and response across endpoints, network, and cloud workloads. Advanced threats are outpacing existing security technologies. Organizations need intelligent and automated defense for their networks, endpoints, and cloud workloads to defeat the sophisticated new adversaries. Sophos’ advanced threat prevention technologies offer your organization a multi-layered approach for the widest range of protection from latest threats.

Insider Threat Protection

Because insiders are most privy to your sensitive data. Insider attacks are more damaging and more difficult to prevent and detect and detect than attacks originating outside your organization. Sophos helps you quickly identify the weak spots in your organization, educate innocent insiders, or modify network policies to stop malicious insider attacks, dramatically reducing risk across your organization.

Optimize Your Cyber Insurance Position

It’s not just you. Most organizations are finding it tough to secure the cyber insurance cover they need. The ever-increasing frequency and severity of cyberattacks, coupled with growing remediation costs, have caused premiums to soar and coverage to shrink. Sophos can help you put in place the strong cybersecurity controls you need to help optimize your cyber insurance position.


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